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How to Tell if a Disposable Vape Is Burnt

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Have you ever tried to use a disposable vape and found that the flavor was harsh or unpleasant? If a disposable vape is burnt, it’s a possible indication that it’s time to replace the device. It could also be a sign that you need to change something about the way you vape, though, so it’s important to understand the symptoms and what they mean.

Why does your disposable vape taste burnt, and is there anything that you can do to fix it? Reading this article, you’re going to learn the answers to those questions.

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How to Tell if a Disposable Vape Is Burnt

In most cases, there’s a gradual and noticeable chain of events leading to a disposable vape eventually tasting burnt. There are three different ways this can occur, and each one has a different cause. Before we discuss the possible reasons why your disposable vape tastes burnt, though, let’s talk about the symptoms.

  • The burnt flavor may manifest itself as an intolerable harshness that stings your throat and makes you want to cough, and it happens every time you use your device. Leading up to this, you may notice that your device’s vapor production and richness of flavor are greatly reduced compared to when you first started using the device.
  • The burnt flavor may appear after you’ve puffed on your device several times in a row. When you put the device down for a while, the original flavor returns.
  • The burnt flavor may manifest itself as a sort of smoky, caramelized sweetness. As you continue using your disposable vape, the burnt flavor becomes more and more pronounced until you eventually have difficulty tasting the actual flavor of the e-liquid at all.


What Are the Reasons Why a Disposable Vape May Taste Burnt?

Now that you understand what it means when a disposable vape is burnt, let’s go into a bit more detail about the reasons why this can happen. Each of the scenarios that we described above has a different cause. Once you know why your disposable vape tastes burnt, you’ll know what to do next.

  • If your disposable vape tastes intolerably harsh every time you use it – but the flavor quality was good previously – the device is probably out of e-liquid. Since there is no e-liquid left for the coil to vaporize, the coil overheats and emits harsh fumes when you try to vape. If your device is out of e-liquid, it’s time to replace it.
  • If your disposable vape tastes burnt after you’ve puffed on it several times – but the flavor quality is restored after you put the device down for a while – you’re probably “chain vaping” and aren’t giving the e-liquid in the wick enough time to redistribute itself between puffs. As long as the device isn’t running out of e-liquid, waiting a few seconds longer after each puff will prevent this issue from occurring.
  • If your disposable vape tastes like deeply caramelized sugar, you’re using a device with sweetened vape juice. Sweetened e-liquid usually contains sucralose, which doesn’t vaporize fully when it’s heated. A portion of the sucralose in the e-liquid sticks to the device’s atomizer coil, causing the coil to develop a layer of residue that alters the e-liquid’s flavor by making it taste dark and smoky. Depending on how heavily sweetened the e-liquid is, this may happen well before the device is actually out of e-liquid. In this case, the only thing that you can do is keep vaping until your device runs out of e-liquid. Going forward, consider buying disposable vapes with e-liquid that’s unsweetened or only lightly sweetened.
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